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    • Overdrive Pedal

    Most wanted guitar sound now available!




BlueLine Overdrive

Tonehunter Blue Line Alexander Howard Dumble. Probably the most legendary name in the ampbuilder scene. There exist only about 300 Dumble amps worldwide. Blessed is he who has one because they are absurdly expensive and sought after. And every Dumble sounds different. Just as his legendary users: Carlos Santana, Robben Ford, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Bonamassa, John Mayer, Larry Carlton or the great Lowell George. But one thing all Dumble amps have in common: They unfold their sweet spot at incredibly high volume levels. For us ordinary mortals who play in clubs and small music halls completely unthinkable. Until now. Curtain up for my Tonehunter Blue Line Overdrive. With the help of two original Dumble amps and after intensive months of researching, I've developed a circuit for my new Blue Line pedal which can reproduce the incredible dynamic tone potential of these fascinating amps at road-worthy volume: This is the real money shot! The Tonehunter Blue Line. Dumble your sound!



Tonehunter overdrives stand out due a dynamic behaviour, that was only known from excellent tube amps yet: With the guitars volume, the gain can be dosed perfectly, without damping the harmonics. To ensure those properties in a lot production, measure had to be adopted that are unique so far in the pedalsector.


Hand Made and Single Matched

Every electronic unit has been selected for tonal reasons and has been sized in closest tolerances. Shortest signal paths ensure a quick signal processing and highest possible dynamics. Not least is the signal path completed by the mechanical units.


Every device is single matched by us before roll-out. This procedure icludes among other things the tonal selection of the IC's. Only by this we can offer absolutely identic sounding overdrives.




  • Volume adjusts the master volume
  • Voice adjusts the timbre from smooth and fat to screaming high
  • Overdrive adjusts the overdrive intensity


  • Status LED
  • True Bypass On Off switch
  • 9V DC standard jack or battery operation


  • Neutrik In / Out jacks
  • Heavy duty aluminium housing with best shielding qualities
  • High end board with selected units

  • User manual